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Strategic management

Strategic company management is the key to the company’s adaptation in a dynamic business environment. It ensures the company’s competitive strength and therefore enables its successful sustainable operation. Why strategic management matters? Long-term planning It helps the firm to define and plan its long-term goals and strategies, which facilitates the achievement of sustainable growth and […]

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Mentoring and coaching for key people in large companies

Every person sometimes gets into a situation where group development cannot give them what they need. The reasons may be different. He is already very experienced, he is currently solving things that no one else is solving, he does not want to discuss them with people in the company, or he feels that there is […]

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Experience program

A change of scenery can often be “healing”. Taking your team out of the office and into the woods, using our time together in a different way, changing the environment and with it the point of view, these are the reasons why experiential programs are attractive and useful for clients. What can experiential program do […]

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Marketing and business

Accelerate company growth, avoid mistakes and achieve lasting success. This is facilitated by mentoring in sales and marketing. They will understand the importance of having a vision and strategy for both areas and being able to translate this into added value for the customer. Why use a sales and marketing mentor? Acceleration of growth Mentoring […]

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Strategy creation and management

Strategy creation and management are key components for successful start-up company. It helps for navigation through competetive enviroment and reach longterm sustainability. Why bother with strategy creation and management? Direction and goals Creating a strategy allows a start-up company to define its vision, mission and long-term goals. This gives her a clear direction in which […]

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Owner development

What’s ahead of me in business Everyone who starts a business has an idea and enthusiasm. It is important to know what the reality of business is and what lies ahead in business. List everything related to entrepreneurship and what awaits the entrepreneur. What is the owner’s vision? A business without a vision and a […]

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Setting up business management

Clear vision and goals Define where you want to take the business and what goals you want to achieve. This vision should be inspiring but also realistic and measurable. Clear organizational structure Create an organizational structure that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of each team member. This will help avoid confusion and improve work […]

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Creating a business plan

A business plan is a tool that gives a business a clear structure and plan. It helps start-up companies as well as companies that are awaiting more fundamental changes. What benefits does a properly created business plan bring to companies? Planning and strategy A business plan allows you to think carefully about your company’s goals, […]

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Change management and innovation management

Change and innovation management is an important tool in any company that ensures the systematic implementation of process changes in a controlled environment. How to approach and manage the change and innovation management process? Change identification Change identification and requirements assessment are usually the subject of in-depth, formal and branching analysis. This should clearly describe […]

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Interim management

Interim management as a temporary management model allows companies to get external experts to manage changes in key projects, crisis situations, helps companies to improve their status. What benefits can you expect from having an interim manager? Bridging the professional capacity gap The temporary presence of an experienced external expert allows the company to quickly […]

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Succession is a controlled process that takes a long time, but if done right, it brings enormous value to the business. Why start a succession? Preservation of the company’s wealth Company founders had to put in a lot of effort to build, maintain, and prepare the company as wealth for their followers. Succession helps ensure […]

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Process optimization projects

Effective execution and management of business processes is the key to optimizing performance, increasing competitiveness and achieving long-term sustainability in dynamic times. What are the results of correctly implemented lean processes? Productivity increase Eliminating waste and inefficient jobs increases work performance and speeds up processes, which ultimately leads to an overall productivity increase. Higher quality […]

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Mentoring and coaching for company owners and key staff

Everyone sometimes gets into a situation where group development cannot give them what they need. The reasons can be different, he is already very experienced, he deals with company issues alone or does not want to discuss with people in the company, he feels that there is no training for his needs at the moment. […]

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Strategy creation and managing

Small businesses too, should pay attention to strategy creation and management, as this is a key factor for achieving sustainable growth, competitiveness and long-term success. Why bother with strategy creation and managing? Goal driven Strategy defines goals and navigate company´s effort to specific results. Sources optimization The strategy helps small businesses make better use of […]

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Process and people monitoring

The aim of the monitoring is to assess the level of business processes and lean thinking in the organization, to determine the next logical steps for improving the efficiency of operations and employee training, and to lay the foundation for a company strategy focused on process improvement. What benefits can you expect from the monitoring? […]

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Internal lecturers academy

People develop people”, this is the principle we work with in the development of internal lecturers, whom we help to pass on their knowledge and experience effectively, uniformly, comprehensibly and ensuring the teaching effect. What are the benefits in work with internal lecturers? Keeping company know-how Through high-quality internal lecturers, we maintain the company culture […]

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Building teams

If building and developing teams in company is a continuous process, it becomes a strategic investment in the long-term sustainability of the company. Why building teams matters? Managament team Effective cooperation between management members supports the creation of a unified vision and strengthens the overall efficiency of the company. Change management team The creation of […]

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Talent Academy

By working with talent, companies “produce” quality and motivated leaders and specialists who will help them build competitiveness in the I4.0 era. What does systematic work with talent in companies bring? Strengthening competencies Talent programs enable the identification and development of employees’ competencies regarding whether the company counts on them as top leaders or specialists. […]

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Lean Academy

Lean methodology is a key for company competetivness, prosperity and position strenghtening on the market. Expertise increasing Lean academy aims for knowledge strenghtening about lean production and processes. Continuous process improvement In ever increasing competitive enviroment, continuous process improvement is a key to stable position in the market. Process and production savings Lean aims for […]

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Leadership academy

“There are no quality people on the labor market” This is a phrase we often hear from our customers. We answer that this is precisely the reason why people need to be “educated”. Today, people management is a topic that is absolutely crucial more than ever. Why focus on people management topic Hiring and retaining […]

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