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Small businesses too, should pay attention to strategy creation and management, as this is a key factor for achieving sustainable growth, competitiveness and long-term success.

Why bother with strategy creation and managing?

Goal driven

Strategy defines goals and navigate company´s effort to specific results.

Sources optimization

The strategy helps small businesses make better use of limited resources by identifying which areas are critical to success.

Gaining competition advantage

Strategy creation enables small businesses to identify and exploit their competitive advantages. This may include innovation, product differentiation or providing better customer service.

Better understanding of the market

The strategy helps the company to better understand the needs and expectations of its target group. This makes it possible to create products and services that better meet the needs of customers.

Support for development and growth

Strategy is a key tool for supporting the long-term development and growth of a company. It helps to overcome challenges, plan for growth and reach new markets.

Team motivation and integration

When employees see that the company has a clear strategy and is moving towards achieving specific goals, it increases their motivation and engagement at work.

How to do that?

We provide comprehensive support in the creation and management of strategy for small companies.

We start by introducing Balanced Scorecard methodology to the clients.

Subsequently, together with them, we will help develop a strategy, within which the company defines specific strategic projects and learns how to allocate them to individual team members.

The next phase is the provision of a methodology aimed at effective management and monitoring of work on projects within the year, as well as setting up a motivational system that rewards individuals for their contribution to the implementation of the strategy and the achievement of set goals.

In some cases, we assume the role of facilitator of workshops, during which the results achieved during the year are continuously evaluated.

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