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A business plan is a tool that gives a business a clear structure and plan. It helps start-up companies as well as companies that are awaiting more fundamental changes.

What benefits does a properly created business plan bring to companies?

Planning and strategy

A business plan allows you to think carefully about your company’s goals, strategies, and tactics to achieve success. It helps you identify measurable factors to evaluate success.

Financial planning

Based on the company’s business plan, they will create a detailed financial plan. The company improves its chances of achieving the necessary funds for development and growth.

Orientation in business

Using a business plan, companies can better understand their market, competition, and customers. The result is better orientation in the business environment and faster response to changes.

Communication with the team

The business plan is used as a communication tool. It helps to develop a common understanding of goals, strategies, and processes, and promotes motivation and focus of the team on a common outcome.

Risk treatment

Creating a business plan allows you to identify potential problems and risks. A prevention and resolution plan then helps to minimise obstacles and increase the chances of success.

Measuring progress and monitoring performance

The business plan provides a solid structure for measuring the company’s progress and monitoring performance. It provides the company with the flexibility to respond to change and optimize business processes, ultimately supporting the long-term success of the company.

How do you do that?

When creating a business plan, we act as moderators of an interactive workshop. We use the Business Model Canvas, an innovative tool for strategic planning.

We work with business owners and key people to focus on key aspects of their business. Canvas allows us to visualize key areas such as the value offered to customers, distribution channels, key partners, and other elements.

We involve the whole team in the discussion and interactively modify parts of Canvas to help everyone better understand and build the business model.

The company gains a comprehensive view of its business that serves as a foundation for strategic decision-making and planning throughout the life of the business.

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