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Strategy creation and management are key components for successful start-up company. It helps for navigation through competetive enviroment and reach longterm sustainability.

Why bother with strategy creation and management?

Direction and goals

Creating a strategy allows a start-up company to define its vision, mission and long-term goals. This gives her a clear direction in which she should go.

Competition advantage

Strategy helps to identify and use competitive advantage that helps the company stand out in the market and reach the target group of customers.

3Pro customer orientation

Strategy creation involves understanding customer needs and preferences. This allows company to better customize its products or services.

Source optimization

Strategic planning allows scarce resources such as human resources, financial resources and time to be allocated more effectively, helping to maximize firm performance.

Risk management

The strategy includes the assessment of risks and their proper management, which helps the company to prevent and minimize the negative effects of unexpected events.

Acquiring financial funds

Investors often require a clear strategy as part of a business plan. A quality strategy can increase the confidence of potential investors and the acquisition of funds.

How to do that?

For a start-up company, we implement a so called „Design Sprint“, which is a structured process that allows quickly identification of key business areas and set a strategy while minimizing risk.

As part of this process, we use the Business Canvas and Lean Canvas models, which, thanks to their simplicity, conciseness and practicality, will primarily help to sort out ideas and give the company’s vision more specific form.

The outcomes of action plan are next steps and canvas model methodology handling With this comprehensive approach, we enable a start-up company to effectively set a business direction, increase its success and achieve an optimal strategy for further development.

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