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Accelerate company growth, avoid mistakes and achieve lasting success. This is facilitated by mentoring in sales and marketing. They will understand the importance of having a vision and strategy for both areas and being able to translate this into added value for the customer.

Why use a sales and marketing mentor?

Acceleration of growth

Mentoring helps you avoid common mistakes, get practical advice and accelerate the growth of your start-up.

Expand your network of contacts

Mentors provide useful contacts to key people and companies in the industry, which helps open up new business opportunities.

Brand building

A targeted focus on sales and marketing helps businesses build a strong brand that sets them apart from the competition. They will understand the importance of letting the world know what their own added value is.

Increasing motivation and getting feedback

Mentoring helps aspiring entrepreneurs stay motivated and focused on goals and get objective feedback on business and marketing strategies. They realize the importance of knowing what customers want.

Leadership development

Mentoring helps develop leadership skills and become a more effective leader. They will understand the importance of being able to build a team that can deliver on strategy.

Finding investors

Systematic work on sales and marketing opens up opportunities to find investors and get funding for a start-up company. This area will help the growth of the company..

How does it work?

We use mentoring as an effective tool for business development and marketing of start-ups to pass on know-how from our experienced experts. They have hands-on experience in setting up processes and building collaborative teams.    

At the first mentoring meeting, the customer defines his/her goals and expectations from the mentor in the field of business and marketing and then gradually fulfills these goals with his/her mentor in the form of follow-up mentoring meetings.

Frequent assignments from our customers are:

  • I need to decide what business model to choose…
  • I want to know how to do a business model innovation…
  • I need help with pricing…
  • I would like to set the right KPIs for my processes…
  • I would like to get myself and my company in front of a wider range of potential customers…
  • I need a coherent business strategy supported by marketing…
  • I need to learn how to build a sales team that…
  • I don’t know how to pass the business from myself to new people….

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