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Lean methodology is a key for company competetivness, prosperity and position strenghtening on the market.

Expertise increasing

Lean academy aims for knowledge strenghtening about lean production and processes.

Continuous process improvement

In ever increasing competitive enviroment, continuous process improvement is a key to stable position in the market.

Process and production savings

Lean aims for money, material or people in processes wasting reduction.

Get workers involved

The importance of every worker in procces chain is getting bigger and there is an expectation that every worker will offer ideas in problem solving on his/her workplace.

Workplace ergonomy

Most people spent one third of life at work and therefore the comfort is more important. Higher demands from workers needs to be covered by higher workplace ergonomy thanks to lean methodology.

Building a company brand

Successful and continuos implementing of lean methodology is a sign of high company determination to become quality provider of products or services and a sign of being adaptable for ever changing market demands.

How to do that?

Participants will undergo a series of trainings, during which they will receive theoretical and practical information on the basics of the methodology. Subsequently, they will be trained to understand specific tools within the framework of lean production and will then use them in our “application assignment”, which is an assigned project on a smaller scale that they will work on in their company. After some period of time, they will present the results of application assignment in the next stage of the lean academy in New Dimension.

As part of our lean academy, participants will get not only the basics and advanced knowledge in the field of lean manufacturing, but also practical skills in project management. Thanks to this, they will connect theoretical knowledge with the practical side of using lean production tools to identify and solve problems in processes.

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