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Change and innovation management is an important tool in any company that ensures the systematic implementation of process changes in a controlled environment.

How to approach and manage the change and innovation management process?

Change identification

Change identification and requirements assessment are usually the subject of in-depth, formal and branching analysis. This should clearly describe all the details that change management will involve. The pillars are given by a description of the current and desired state, a clear added value and the associated risks.

Change planning

Planning is the alpha and omega of any change. It is important to develop a detailed plan that is a binding document for everyone involved. Establishing responsibilities, timelines and identifying resources are the pillars of a successful plan.

Verification and approval of the change

In order to determine whether the implementation of a change has been done correctly and has had the desired effect, it is necessary to analyse the data associated with it. Collecting data is generally an absolutely essential discipline for any company, and this is no different when it comes to verifying an implemented change. The result of the change is usually confronted with the identification of the change to see if the objective is as defined at the beginning.

Introduction of innovation

Innovation implementation depends on building a company culture and environment that fosters creative thinking, motivation and commitment to turn ideas and suggestions into practical solutions.

Motivation to innovate

Innovation is always a gradual process and companies must learn to respond to external influences that directly determine demand and then develop their own methodologies to be competitive in the market and relevant to existing and potential customers.

Innovation management

Managing innovation in a company requires a systematic and strategic approach. As with any plan, it is essential to define the current state, the objective and clearly describe the change that the innovation will bring about.

How does this work?

This product change and innovation management is suitable for all organisations that want to improve their ability to adapt to change, expand their product or service portfolio and achieve sustainable success in the marketplace. The products and services in this area can be customised to meet the needs of different types of companies and organisations.

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