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What’s ahead of me in business

Everyone who starts a business has an idea and enthusiasm. It is important to know what the reality of business is and what lies ahead in business. List everything related to entrepreneurship and what awaits the entrepreneur.

What is the owner’s vision?

A business without a vision and a look ahead will not last long. It is good to formulate a vision so that we can then direct all our business activities towards it.

What to do with a good idea

A good idea is not enough, it is important to say what with your idea and to whom, the entrepreneur is solving. What makes his idea unique and what is its sustainability in the market.

How to create a strategy

Creating a good strategy, a plan, a direction – this is an important start for a business. Everyone who works in the company should know this vision and know how they can contribute to it.

How to verify customers

The entrepreneur needs to know who his customer is and what added value he is willing to pay for. The day-to-day work of an entrepreneur is to constantly check customer feedback to gauge the market and anticipate its evolution.

How to build a business

Building a business is work. It is important to decide whether I will build the business alone or whether I will build the business with people and processes. Both require a good plan.

And how does that work?

At the first meeting with the owner, our mentors, who have business experience themselves, define what they want to achieve through mentoring. A mentor is a person with whom an entrepreneur can discuss their business and their own role in it. The mentor helps guide the entrepreneur through the start-up phase, accelerates this stage with their experience, and helps organize ideas and translate them into action steps.

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