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“There are no quality people on the labor market” This is a phrase we often hear from our customers. We answer that this is precisely the reason why people need to be “educated”. Today, people management is a topic that is absolutely crucial more than ever.

Why focus on people management topic

Hiring and retaining best employees

The current situation on the labor market requires high competence of superiors in the field of people management. It is essential that they know how to work with people’s motivation, develop them and build independence and co-responsibility in them.

Performance increasing

If people are happy at work and have a supervisor who knows how to work with them, they perform better.

Increasing the prestige as quality employer

Quality managers are a great competitive advantage also when recruiting new employees. Thanks to them, the company gains a certain prestige not only among existing employees, but also in its local community.

Higher degree of substitutability and preparation for succession

By “grooming” people dedicated to leadership, we can build replaceability in the company, as well as the potential of internal people for new roles and positions that we need to fill, without having to “recruit people from the outside”.

Supporting company culture

Company culture is made by its people. People are influenced by their superiors. If the leaders are quality ones, they can have a significant impact on the company culture and work environment through their people.

Support for change management

Adaptability to change is key for the present time. Many people need to improve in it. Quality leaders can support them in this process, and then executing changes in companies can be done more quickly and efficiently.

How to do that?

At New Dimension we follow trends and the Leadership field is no exception. We are therefore able to develop your people not only in the people management basics, but also to guide them in the ever changing times. We teach how to incorporate leading coaching principles or work with AI into daily practice.

The development is practical and focused on the needs of the given company. We always work with specific situations from customers, on which we also train leadership principles.

We are therefore able to work with target groups of beginners as well as very experienced managers and together support the development of not only them, but also the companies in which they work.

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