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Effective execution and management of business processes is the key to optimizing performance, increasing competitiveness and achieving long-term sustainability in dynamic times.

What are the results of correctly implemented lean processes?

Productivity increase

Eliminating waste and inefficient jobs increases work performance and speeds up processes, which ultimately leads to an overall productivity increase.

Higher quality

Process optimization makes it possible to better monitor and control quality at every stage of the production or business cycle. This leads to a significant improvement in the quality of products or services provided.

Higher flexibility

Lean processes enable companies to respond more quickly to changes in the market and better adapt to new conditions. This is key to staying competitive.

Better resources management

Process optimization helps identify and use resources more efficiently, leading to lower costs and increased profitability.

Higher customer satisfaction

Efficient processes mean better and faster service for customers, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Innovation and growth

Optimizing processes often creates room for innovation and the development of new ideas. It allows businesses to grow and to adapt in ever changing market trends and demands.

How to do that?

Lean manufacturing projects always start with mapping the company’s existing processes and actual needs. For initial analysis, we use tools such as measurement of production processes (time scale and process complexity), process audit or mapping of value streams. We interpret the discovered facts to customers and providing our ideas for their strategy on how to proceed with streamlining the process. In solutions, we prefer a process approach over the implementation of individual lean manufacturing methods and tools.

We implement independent streamlining of processes in the form of workshops or projects depending on the scope of implementation and the complexity of the changes. These activities will transform into the draft of the future state and a precise implementation plan. Before the actual implementation, preparation for the change takes place, both in the area of ​​technical preparation of the change and also in the area of ​​preparing people for the change. It is one of the most critical moments which decides the success of the execution and the sustainability of the future state.

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