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People develop people”, this is the principle we work with in the development of internal lecturers, whom we help to pass on their knowledge and experience effectively, uniformly, comprehensibly and ensuring the teaching effect.

What are the benefits in work with internal lecturers?

Keeping company know-how

Through high-quality internal lecturers, we maintain the company culture during development, we fully benefit from the experience of senior employees, and development can therefore be very practically focused.

Increasing employees co-responsibility

The possibility to actively participate in the development of colleagues, sharing their knowledge and experiences can significantly increase the involvement of individuals in the running of the company and strengthen their loyalty.

Setting up or unification of lecturing methodology

Unified method of training and passing on information strengthens the company professionalism and transparency.

Increasing the motivation and PR of internal lecturers

The development of internal trainers and their care strengthens their motivation and desire to devote themselves to this work. At the same time, the company also shows the importance of this group and development in general to other employees and the public.

Increasing the development efficiency

Lecturing methodology in conjunction with motivated and responsible internal lecturers, speeds up the entire training process without affecting its quality, and therefore becoming highly effective.

How to do that?

The development of internal lecturers or trainers is set up by default in such a way that we devote ourselves to the teaching methodology and didactics with the participants. We teach internal lecturers to convey information to participants in understandable and attractive way. Our priority is to achieve the teaching effect so that the participant not only hears what they should learn, but also has the opportunity to try out, practice and fix the skill. We always emphasize a practical connection with practice. Lecturer skills training takes place on specific topics of the given company. Despite the fact that we have prepared a standard development unit in this area, which consists of five development days and a final exam, we are always able to create modulations based on the client’s needs.

As for example:

Repeated half-day workshops for smaller groups of participants, Developmental half-days followed with lecturer´s shadowing during teaching activities and individual mentoring, where we have the opportunity to address the specific needs of a specific participant. Accredited course Lecturer, trainer and others.

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