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A change of scenery can often be “healing”. Taking your team out of the office and into the woods, using our time together in a different way, changing the environment and with it the point of view, these are the reasons why experiential programs are attractive and useful for clients.

What can experiential program do for a team?


Teamwork is about relationships. Relationships need to be looked after. You can’t take care of them without spending time together. Changing the environment contributes significantly to this care. An experiential program offers a space to step out of the comfort zone. Coping together strengthens teamwork and understanding.

Increasing the motivation and effectiveness of the team

When we care for the team, we create a motivating environment in which people generally enjoy working. When people enjoy working in a pleasant atmosphere, it increases their effectiveness.

Protected time for specific work

If we are doing strategic or development work, an experiential program and change of scenery is ideal for this, because in companies and without external guidance, the operational environment often does not allow us to set aside the necessary time for these things.

Increasing focus

A change of scenery and external guidance also helps to better focus on a particular topic or area without running out of time to deal with operational fires.

How do you do that?

We always prepare experience programs individually tailored to fit the client’s needs. We always start with a joint meeting where we define the theme and goals of the unit and then design a program around specific objectives, which we fine-tune together with the client to their complete satisfaction.

The themes and goals of experiential programs can take many forms. Often, they are about bringing the team together and moving forward in a specific area such as communication, information transfer, teamwork and more. Very often the goal is also to work on strategy. Whether it is about creating or redefining it. The main goal is to create an enjoyable time for and with clients outside the normal working reality.

The activities in the programs are provided by our internal workers, but also in cooperation with partners. In this way, we expand the portfolio of services that we can offer, for example, to clients who work with us regularly in this area. Each activity has an objective that supports the client’s specification. The development activities are accompanied by an analysis of the behaviour and actions of the individual participants in the situation.

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