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Interim management as a temporary management model allows companies to get external experts to manage changes in key projects, crisis situations, helps companies to improve their status.

What benefits can you expect from having an interim manager?

Bridging the professional capacity gap

The temporary presence of an experienced external expert allows the company to quickly and purposefully develop the necessary expertise without the cost of a permanent employee.

Bridging the time between executives

The temporary presence of an experienced external expert allows the company to acquire the necessary expertise quickly and efficiently without the cost of an in-house employee.

Dealing with crisis situations

An interim manager deals with crisis situations such as restructuring, financial difficulties or the loss of key employees. Thanks to his managerial experience, he can quickly identify problems and implement measures to restore stability.

Fast implementation of changes

An interim manager is tasked with delivering results quickly. He or she can connect to the company culture, navigate processes, and implement necessary changes or projects without unnecessary delays.

An objective view from the outside

An external expert brings an independent view of the company, objectively assesses the situation, and suggests effective strategies and solutions.

Development of the internal team

The Interim Manager acts as a mentor to the internal team, to whom they transfer their knowledge and skills.

How do you do that?

For the successful and effective use of an interim manager, it is essential to identify the needs and goals that the company expects from this cooperation and to specify the skills of the interim manager needed to effectively meet these goals. Determine the duration and scope of the collaboration, ensure onboarding and integration, and regularly monitor and evaluate progress. Also prepare for the departure of the interim manager so that he can transfer his knowledge to the company.

Our interim managers are experienced experts in change management, setting up company processes, building management teams, succession planning and crisis management.

Interim work is mainly carried out in small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. They focus on both manufacturing and trading companies. The healthcare sector is an area where they can achieve results in a crisis.

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