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By working with talent, companies “produce” quality and motivated leaders and specialists who will help them build competitiveness in the I4.0 era.

What does systematic work with talent in companies bring?

Strengthening competencies

Talent programs enable the identification and development of employees’ competencies regarding whether the company counts on them as top leaders or specialists. This leads to effective use of people’s potential.

Involvement increasing

Providing opportunities for development and growth, possibility to work with new technologies and internal development in interesting ways leads to higher involvement and strengthening loyalty.

Retaining quality people

Talent programs can be a key factor in retaining key employees. Offering promising career opportunities and a stimulating environment can reduce employee fluctuation rate.

Building employer’s name

By working with talent, a company sends a message towards potential employees that they can grow and develop if they choose to work for there.Company therefore builds its name as a prospective employer.

Changing company culture

Talent programs help build a strong culture of growth mindset and increase competitiveness in the I4.0 era, strengthen relationships within the participant community and positively “infect” other colleagues.

How to do that?

Before nominating participants, we help HR in companies to prepare a communication campaign, define their roles in the program with managers, and formulate the competencies needed to work in a digital environment. We offer the know-how of the INDUSTRY 4.0 competency model developed by us.

The impact of the Talent Program on the company culture is significant, so we always choose the content, forms, and outputs sensitively. In implementation, we promote collaboration and a unified approach between managers and HR. We encourage talent to draw other colleagues into the selected activities. In this way, participants become ambassadors of the talent program for the following years.

Our talent programs combine range of proven forms with modern methods. Talents will therefore gain experience with development in the form of Blended Learning, with the use of AI in the leadership of the future or with an agile approach to managing processes

Within the talent program, they lead projects aimed at increasing the efficiency of technology use in the company and setting the company culture for the emerging INDUSTRY 4.0 environment. The projects result in accurate data and analysis, usable for further development of the company.

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