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The aim of the monitoring is to assess the level of business processes and lean thinking in the organization, to determine the next logical steps for improving the efficiency of operations and employee training, and to lay the foundation for a company strategy focused on process improvement.

What benefits can you expect from the monitoring?

Obtaining the basis for decision-making

The data obtained from monitoring serves as a basis for decision-making processes. The right information can lead to informed decisions at management level.

Identification of process efficiency

Observations by independent experts can identify strengths and weaknesses in business processes. This enhances a company’s ability to focus on process optimization, remove bottlenecks and improve efficiency.

Obtaining the basis for setting up the developments

Monitoring results identify the level of people development in processes and serve as the basis for setting a meaningful employee development plan.

How do we do that?

Monitoring starts with an analysis meeting to discuss the objectives and conditions of monitoring with the sponsor. The monitoring itself is carried out by 2 consultants over a period of 1-3 days, depending on the size of the company, in the form of interviews and observations of real situations directly in the company’s processes.

The output of the monitoring is a final report where the level of process efficiency and the level of people development for each part of the enterprise is described on a scale, accompanied by comments and recommendations for people development and process improvement.

In general, there are 5 levels of people and process development:

  1. the process has defined standards and rules and people know and mostly follow them
  2. The process is operationally managed, people take responsibility for their work, and respond systematically to problems.
  3. The process is systematically managed as a whole, people know how to communicate and take responsibility as a team
  4. The process is systematically improved, people are motivated to improve and take it as part of their job
  5. The process is naturally developed and innovated, people are autonomous and behave as co-entrepreneurs

The report also serves as a basis for the lean strategy seminar that should always follow. The output of the strategy workshop is defined strategic objectives and KPIs in the area of lean processes and people development in relation to the overall company strategy, planned activities (projects, tasks), guarantors and timetable of activities.

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