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Everyone sometimes gets into a situation where group development cannot give them what they need. The reasons can be different, he is already very experienced, he deals with company issues alone or does not want to discuss with people in the company, he feels that there is no training for his needs at the moment. Then comes the time for coaching or mentoring…

What are the benefits in having mentor or coach?

Space for thinking

In day to day dealing with issues, we often don’t have the space to think about things differently. Coaching and mentoring give us space and time to think, to look at things from multiple sides, and this is often the most valuable thing we can do for ourselves or the solution to any situation.

Completely individual approach

We each have our own goal in development, our needs, motives and experiences. Meeting with a coach or mentor is completely focused on the person of the client, and because of this, this method of development can be very effective and efficient.

Different perspective

To stop and, with the help of appropriate questions or sharing of experiences, leave the monotony and allow ourselves to think differently is very valuable and we are often unable to doby it ourselves.

Development of character or profession skills

Manage your own pace, choosing areas of development, getting to know yourself and learning from your own experience is absolutely crucial for our development. Considering these hectic days, this method is very effective and also gaining attractiveness for different target groups.

How to do that

Both mentoring and coaching represent an individual meeting between a mentor or a coach and a client and his work in transition period, when he works alone and applies the knowledge and perceptions from the meeting into practice.

Mentoring is based on sharing positive practice and inspiration between mentor and client. While coaching is primarily based on questions that the coach asks the client, and the client looks for the answers.

Whether we need a mentor or a coach depends on the topic we want to address. We consider the combination of these two approaches to be a very effective at New Dimension. We also see the connection between the coach or mentor and his client as important. That’s why we always try to choose a suitable guide not only based on the topic the client wants to solve, but also on the basis of “human chemistry” so that the cooperation works perfectly.

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