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Strategic company management is the key to the company’s adaptation in a dynamic business environment. It ensures the company’s competitive strength and therefore enables its successful sustainable operation.

Why strategic management matters?

Long-term planning

It helps the firm to define and plan its long-term goals and strategies, which facilitates the achievement of sustainable growth and stability in the market.

Competitive advantage

Identifies and uses the key factors that allow the company to stand out in the market and overtake the competition.

Resource optimization

It helps to allocate human, financial and material resources more effectively, which increases productivity and profitability.

Risk management

It provides a structured approach to the identification, assessment and management of risks, which minimizes the adverse effects of unexpected events.

Innovation and adaptability

It supports innovation processes and enables rapid adaptation to changing market conditions and new technologies.

Improving customer relations

It helps to understand the needs and expectations of customers, which enables better customization of products and services.

How do you do that?

This product is ideal for companies looking to strengthen their strategic capabilities and achieve sustainable business success.

With workshops, we set the long-term strategy of the company, which aims to fulfill the vision. The owners or stakeholders who declare the owner’s strategy are involved in the preparation at the beginning.

Together with the top management, we then work on the company’s strategy with a 3-year outlook and refinement for the following year. The output is a BSC strategy defined with measurable goals in all 4 perspectives – finance, customer, processes, people.

Workshops in which other levels of management are already involved are next step, and we roll strategic goals into concrete actions using the Hoshin Kanri method, so that interdepartmental cooperation is strengthened and at every moment it is clear to company employees how their activities support strategic goals.

During further work on specific events, we participate in the agile management of strategic projects for clients, e.g. digitization, optimization of processes or management of change projects related to corporate culture or social innovation.

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