In lean implementation projects, the firms struggle with low and short-term effectiveness when it comes to the implemented methods. This can lead to employee demotivation; people stop trusting and supporting the methods. We have dealt with the causes and set a procedure that significantly increases efficiency and long-term effectiveness of the lean processes implementation. 

Our experience: 10 % of the lean implementation success is in the methods themselves and 90 % is based in work with people and their expertise. However in reality, the ratio is often exactly the opposite. That's why we have changed our approach to the development of the people in the companies. We closely cooperate with Productive systems, s.r.o. , a specialist on lean processes. Our work is built on Bata’s system of management and his principles. He used to say: “First develop yourself and your people, who will then build a functioning company.” 

Such approach is the most effective we have implemented so far. It causes irreversible changes in employees’ attitudes and way of thinking, as well as helps create pro-change environment, which is a prerequisite to the company's strategy implementation and both external and internal customer satisfaction increase.

Strategies - People - Processes

Integrated solution to the company development